15 Incredible Agile Project Management Statistics to Know


The Agile project management method is fast emerging as the most chosen business project management methodology. It is a powerful management tool that allows companies to ensure better productivity in their processes. The aim of Agile methodology is to minimize the size of business projects so that each of them can be monitored effectively for defects. When you reduce the size of a business process, it becomes easier to manage. This will allow you to control it in a better way.

The Agile methodology has some principles that must be followed if you want to make your projects more successful. Some of the Agile principles are focused on improving the ties of the company with its customers. The customers are the key influencers of a company’s success. When a project is widely accepted by the customers, it will inevitably become successful. This mindset will help any organization apply the Agile methodology into their work processes.

Responding to changes quickly and effectively is another important factor that needs to be considered in the Agile methodology. When you are better equipped to adapt to changes, you can face any difficult situations and sail through it.

Agile project management statistics

If you wish to apply the Agile methodology into your business project, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. The Agile project management statistics are an amazing way to figure out the success rate of the Agile methodologies. They will inform you about the ongoing trends in the Agile process and help you do the same for your company. Here are some of the mind-boggling agile management statistics that you need to know.

  • The total number of organizations using Agile project management methods stands at nearly 70%.
  • The most popular Agile management tool is JIRA. It has been developed by Atlassian and aims to help organizations apply the Agile management into their projects with ease. JIRA comes second only to Microsoft Project. But when you compare it for agile-centric tools, it is the most popular.


  • Agile methods are becoming increasingly popular. The new problems in business environments are being assessed and rectified by using Agile project management methodologies. This gives rise to a better acceptance of the Agile methodology around the world.


  • Nearly 35% of projects have a high-risk factor. These risks often lead to the failure of projects.


  • As many as 75% of organizations don’t consider baseline planning before initiating a business project. This is the reason why projects fail.


  • Nearly 85% of companies in the USA rely on the Agile methodology for carrying out their business projects.


  • The preference of organizations is towards a combination of different methodologies. Nearly 57% of organizations prefer to use multiple methodologies rather than following a single one.


  • A total of 63% of Agile projects have failed in the past because the management professionals couldn’t adjust to the changing scenarios.


  • Agile projects have overtaken waterfall projects by an astonishing 76%. The waterfall process has become outdated and is no more applicable to a large number of businesses.


  • Agile projects have been proved to be more successful than regular projects by 29%. Regular projects follow an outdated methodology that doesn’t find resonance in today’s business scenario. You can find out how much you need to adjust to include the Agile methodology into your projects by experimenting with it at the beginning.


  • In the year 2018, a record $33 billion was lost in failed projects. These failed projects are responsible for bad revenue, so companies try to limit these as much as possible.


  • 94% of communication services depend on Agile project management. Increased use of Agile in all the sectors will make sure that businesses around the globe are flexible.


  • Team members are known to perform 55% better if motivated properly.


  • By the next ten years, AI will handle 85% of projects. This increased automation might result in a loss of human resources and human resources.


  • The annual salary of female Agile software developers is far less than that of women. This hints at a gender disparity between male and female employees.

These were the 15 statistics that you needed to know about the Agile methodology. It is a powerful tool and is helping organizations across the world to adapt to changing environments. Your business can benefit immensely with the help of the Agile methodology if you implement it with proper care.


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