Generational Curses – What a Lie!


A woman, whose adopted daughter has a bi-polar disorder, was told by her daughter’s Christian teacher to investigate her daughter’s biological family. She said the girl’s bi-polar disorder might be a result of a generational curse in that family.

I can’t blame this teacher for thinking that bi-polar disorder could be a result of a generational curse; it’s probably what she has been taught. After all, a popular televangelist, Marilyn Hickey, considered recurring eye problems in a family as a generational curse. She wrote in her book, titled, Breaking Generational Curses, “Have you ever seen a family where every single one of them wears glasses? From the father and mother down to the littlest child, all are wearing glasses, and usually those really thick-lensed kind. Those poor people are under a curse, and they need to be set free from it!”

Like the teacher, many Christians believe in the false teaching of generational curses; being peddled from pulpits, books and magazines. There have been many books written on this topic; from the outrageous to the ridiculous, some by popular Christian writers or preachers. curse breaker Just as there are many articles on the subject online.

For instance, a pastor believed (and taught) that his anger management problem was due to a generational curse. Stephen Galvano, of Rochester Christian Church Ministries (RCCM) — the pastor in question, wrote in an article, Breaking Generational Curses, “I was bound for many years, even as a Spirit-filled believer — even as a pastor. I was angry. I didn’t want to be angry. I never got up in the morning and said, ‘Today I’m going to get angry at my secretary.’ Something drove me. It was an iniquity that came from my family.”

The proponents of generational curses postulate that when multiple cases of the same problem happen in a family line, it is a generational curse. Therefore, if a family has multiple cases of diabetes, alcoholism, divorce, stroke, heart disease, accidents, fornication, adultery, physical, mental or sexual abuse, anger, depression, suicide, idolatry, witchcraft, etc., then that family is suffering from a generational curse. Some even attribute recurring, persistent sin, and even poverty to a generational curse.

Evangelist Todd Bentley, in an article with the same title as Stephen Galvano’s Breaking Generational Curses, wrote, “I have a friend that has always been plagued with poverty regardless of bettering himself in school, computer training, and hard work ethics. He has done everything within his own strength, fasting, tithing, devotion to God, faithfulness you name it. He has never prospered though he had the most giving heart of many I have met. I believe it is a curse of poverty which has been passed down and is now resisting, restricting & choking out the blessing that should be in his life.”

Notice he said, “I believe.” So, it’s a matter of his opinion or a figment of his imagination but NOT what the Bible teaches.

In an online article (there are several of them) titled Breaking Curses, an unidentified writer described generational curses as, “…judgments that are passed on to individuals because of sins perpetuated in a family in a number of generations…They bring judgment or bondage during an individual’s life, until that individual addresses the sin issues that put the curses into place.”

Also, in another similar online article titled Generational Sin and Healing, a self-described former pornography addict, who identified himself simply as Paul, wrote, “Generational sin can be a foothold for sex addiction and other forms of spiritual bondage. The Bible tells us that curses from one generation’s sin can be passed down to subsequent generations. The results of these curses may appear [in several] ways, including character flaws, illnesses, financial difficulties, addictions, sexual problems, emotional problems and demonic oppression.”

As a result of these curses, these gurus then go on to prescribe to their patrons how to break the generational curses that may be running in their families. They tell a so-called victim of a generational curse to confess all the sins of his parents and fore parents.

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