Graphic Design Careers For Online Degree Holders in Graphic Design


Graphic Designers use drawn, painted, photographed and computer generated images to find out visual solutions to communication problems. Designers select, create and organize typography, images and white space around them to convey visual message. They know how to convey messages in print, electronic and film media manipulating different methods such as color, type, illustration, photography, animation and print layout techniques. Around 25 % of designers are self employed and may work freelance. Bachelor’s degree is sufficient to join all entry level positions in the field of graphics design but an associate degree gives you opportunity to join some technical positions. Individuals with bachelor’s degree and knowledge of computer design software, website designing and animation will get best opportunities.

Online Degrees in Graphic Design
Many top accredited universities and colleges offer different degrees from associates to master’s level in the field of graphic design. Following are the online degrees available in the field of graphic design.
o Online Associates in Graphic Design
o Online Bachelors in Graphic Design
o Online Masters in Graphic Design

Important Careers for Bachelors in Graphic Designing
Bachelor’s degree in the field of graphics design enables you to join number of exciting careers. Some of the important graphic design blue sky graphic design online careers are as follows
o Advertising Designer
o Desktop Publishers
o Illustrator

Advertising Designer
Advertising Designers exclusively design advertisements for print, television and internet. They are able to understand and convey the message the client is trying to convey. They can capture the attention of viewer so that they go to explore the product. They can combine elements of art, business and psychology to create strong advertising and marketing products.

Desktop Publisher
Desktop Publishers typically work with small publication software. They can even work for single company to design internal newsletter and communications. They also use designing tools like Quark to design and layout the publication before sending it to print.

Illustrator draw diagrams, graphs, pictures either by freehand or using software. They can produce great idea by drawing a picture for advertising and publishing. They can work in wide range of industries including publishing, television, movies, web designing and others.   It is a very diverse field that offers many good opportunities to graphic designers.

Other Potions for Graphic Design Careers
Following are some other options for graphic designers
o Art Director
o Storyboard Designer
o Prepress Technician
o Web Designer
o Logo Designer
o Brand Identity Artist
o Interactive Multimedia Designer

Job Outlook and Economic Growth in Industry
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics U.S.A. employment pf graphic designers is expected to grow 10 % as fast as average for all occupation from 2006 to 2016. Major employers providing jobs to graphic designers are advertisers, publishers and computer design firm. Graphic Designers also work in computer system design firms or motion picture production firms. Small number of designers also works in engineering services, management, scientific and technical consulting firms.

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