Internet Betting Guide


Finding great advice when trying to decide how to place your bets can be a difficult task. Everyone has an opinion but most of them you should not trust. Most of the people offering advice are die-hard sports fans, not successful sports bettors. There is a major difference.

Just because someone offers you some help, it doesn’t mean you should take it. If these people felt so confident in the advice they are giving, why aren’t they getting rich from sports betting? This is a question you need to ask yourself every time someone tells you where to put your money.

The best place to find sports betting advice is actually not from a person, it is from a sports betting system. check this blog Although they are built by humans, they use formulas that leave the human error out of the equation. Human error, which includes bias and subjectivity, is the biggest stumbling block for bettors and is what causes most people to lose their bets.

These systems offer winning percentages up to 97%. One particular system has won 294 NBA games during the past 5 seasons, losing just 8 times. One of the keys is the patience the system forces users to utilize. It doesn’t allow you to bet on more than 8% to 10% of the games during a season. Being this selective is the only way to win consistently.

These systems usually cost a couple hundred dollars. They offer unlimited picks so the fee is a one-time payment. Other betting advice sources offer picks for a season for an even higher price.

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