Top 5 Android Smart Phone Apps That Make Your Day Better


Do you have an Android enabled smart phone? Not that tech savvy with your phone? Want to get really productive with work during the day? It just slipped out of my finger tips and I shouted “Oh no!” You see, I dropped my phone in the bathroom – on hard tiles.
It wasn’t pretty.

I’m just glad it didn’t crack the screen. I was changing the music on my one of my favorite apps, called Pandora when I get ready in the morning. I love to listen to music while I take a shower. I use this app called Pandora which plays various artists songs streaming from the Internet. The songs come with a little commercials advertisements (I’m using the free version)

What apps do you use?

The apps I want to share are all free. Yes, free. So put your credit card away.

Things that might help when using your Android phone:

A. Keep your phone apps fmwhatsapp on auto update as software gets changed.

B. Have a charging station or cable attached to your laptop.

C. An arm strapped carrying case when you work out with your phone helps protect it.

D. Make sure your phone is charging during your sleeping hours so your phone is fully charged when you awake.

E. External speaker attachment to help boost sound (get them cheap at Ross or Marshall’s)

I make sure I enjoy myself when I’m working in my environment.

Here my top 5 android apps:

Pandora – lets me stream music over my phone with very little commercials. I have set channels I can active with a simple touch. I have a list of my favorite artist and I love to sing to the songs while I get ready in the morning.

Jorte – helps me set up upcoming appointments and dates. Easy time management app that’s simple to learn. You add to your agenda and get an alarm to remind you when it’s upcoming.

Skype – Phone calls. I can connect with family and friends (must have skype on their end) from all over the world… and calls are free.

Gmail – Let’s me view my inbox. Easy to respond back with my contacts. This is my mail email service provider.

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