UK National Lottery Ticket Sales Thrive in an Economic Recession


The best year of UK National Lotto ticket sales has just been reported by Camelot the organisers of the UK lottery. No mean feat for a company based in a country experiencing a deep recession.

From 31 March 2008 to 31 March 2009 ticket sales grew to £5 Billion which was £182,800,000 more than the preceding year. In total, ticket sales have risen by 12% over the last five years.

Apparently sales have been driven by people supporting the Olympic Games (to be held in London during 2012) by buying more lottery tickets National Lottery Results and scratch cards to raise funds for the occasion.

There are still three more years to go but the Olympic target of £750 Million (GBP) is looking good with £400 Million (GBP) already raised and a further £750 Million contingency plan to possibly be made from diverting cash from other lottery benefactors.

Camelot, who have run the UK Lotto for three consecutive terms, stated that this considerable increase in sales was brought about by people now playing the lottery either from their mobile phones or on the Internet.

By playing the lottery in this way, customers save time by not having to queue for their tickets every week. But perhaps even more importantly, they eliminate the possibility of losing their tickets, and if playing via the Internet can even have the results emailed to them after each draw has taken place, making all their lottery entries risk free.

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